Album title page

• Oct 18, 2017 - 07:59

I like the Album feature which can merge several scores.

However, one feature of the Album is missing: adding a title page or graphic page.

While I can use 3rd party PDF merger to add a title page and/or text pages, it would be nice if Album Manager allowed us to include PDF or PNG page at print/export stage,



Adding a PNG or JPG is possible, see, adding a PDF is not though.

The Album feature joins scores, so you can also add a title page, by creating a 1st 'score' that contains basically nothing but the album title, and an image. Best do this by copying first score (so that the title "score" has a the needed instruments and style settings), delete all measures (maybe all but one, and then hide that), modify the text in the title frame, add an image, add it to the album.
I've done this myself, so know that it does work.

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