Seemingly wrong playback for "repeat"

• Jun 2, 2013 - 20:27

When playing back attached piece, my MuseScore installation doesn't follow the repeat correctly.
It already starts going wrong at the second measure of the first repeat.

Some background:
* Windows 7 x64
* Musescore 1.3

I followed the doc and some tutorial, but I'm not an expert on Musescore. I could have mistakes in the document.
Since this now happened on a few pieces I created, I concluded it could be a bug.
Can others reproduce this?

FYI: The attached piece is not my ownership, it is from a book, so there might be a license on it.

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ExamenMuziek-22A.mscz 3.18 KB


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I guess that is the validation check... ;-)

Musescore also cues when note pitches are entered below or above an instrument's normal range (here, the violin). Notice the red color on the notes pitched lower than 'G' in the bass clef section.
If you wish, you can disable the feature in the menu item: Edit / Preferences, then on the note entry tab uncheck the box "color notes outside of usable pitch".
(Either way, they don't *print* as red.)


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