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• Oct 25, 2017 - 04:35

While writing music, I like to occasionally add bowed parts (vibraphone, crotales, glockenspiel, and less often tam-tam), however, since there is not an option for this sound, I have to use the default while adding a staff text simply saying to bow the instrument. In addition, other very basic sounds are missing from instruments like the snare drum, tam-tam, and cymbals, as there are many ways to make sounds on these instruments that are used by other composers (for snare: Snares off, brushes, for Tam-tam: coin scrape, superball mallet, bowing, for cymbals: Suspended Cymbal is completely missing, and ride doesn't suffice). If these options can be supported in the future, it would make composing for percussion much better.


These sounds are already supported, if you can find a soundfont that contains them :-). See the Handbook under "Soundfonts" to learn how. MuseScore uses the universal General MIDI standard for defining instruments and their soubnds, and unfortunately the sounds you are talking about are not part of tht, so the GM-compatible soundfonts we normally use won't contain them, and any third party soundfonts you find that do will probably define them in ways that are not compatible with each other, so we can't proactively provide support.

That would be neat... My situation is that I play violin, trombone, viola, and basic piano, so I know about reading and writing sheet music. however I don't know much about synthesizer type sounds... so it'd be neat to have the same instruments sounds in a list that match the tones for sounds on the casio or yahama keyboard... like the sequencer square, sequence pulse, saw sequencer, and saw synthesizer bass would be snazzy instruments to have listed... since even people who don't know much about music can around on the keyboard and are more familiar with the tones or sounds on a keyboard like casio or whatever else common keyboard brands people have

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Those aren't "instruments", they are "sounds" made by a single instrument. So don't look for them under Instruments; look for them in the list sounds found for each track in in View / Mixer. Saw waves, etc - all are part of the General MIDI standard and thus present in the default soundfont already.

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