Private Groups - Functioning? - not for me so far.

• Jan 14, 2018 - 05:36

I have several private groups that I setup for diff. purposes.
For testing I setup:
is one that I wanted to verify, before I made it public.
1)-ISSUE: As far as the feedback I have gotten on forum, "I never can" make it public. The group is locked "private" with no options available.

2)-Secondly, I wanted to test the ability to "invite" to this private folder, and view the end user experience.
So I sent an email invite to my Mother. She responded to the email, and was prompted to setup a musescore account, including all the email login confirmations. She did so. She accepted cookies and remained logged-in.
She found no link to this site in emails or in her new profile.
The hyperlinks in her email all lead to her new profile page.
She saw my name there, and was led to my home-page ScottWarren
There, my "public" group appeared under my picture/groups: ("ScottWarrenLessons").
But no private groups were ever displayed for access in the entire surf process.
From within this private group, I can see the invitation I had sent her. It says "pending".
So I tried sending her a new one, now that she was logged in with cookies. Same frustrating result. Nada!
If this were a client, I would have lost them!!!


PS, I suppose perhaps, that I could have asked her for her new username, and then repeated the process opting for a username invitation rather than email. But before I use a band-aid, I want to make sure there isn't something I'm overlooking.

Hi Scott,

  1. You can't turn a private group into a public one, this to avoid that private discussion may end up public.

  2. If your mother created a MuseScore account with the same email address you invited her with, she would have become a member of the group upon registration. Apparently she did not, correct? So basically, you will have to reinvite her, either by username, either with the email address she signed up with. We are aware this flow can be improved, and it will this year.

If you have other related questions or remarks, don't hesitate to share in our dedicated group at This forum is merely for notation software related questions.

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I understand the concern.
My solution:
Allow Admins to Delete the Group. (There is currently no option!!)

Then, the option to rebuild from scratch (in a hurry) using the name.
- As it is now, I believe I have trashed all of my business names on your site,
- by making them initially "private".
That Sucks!
(BTW, my born is currently bidding at $4k)

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"That" makes sense! Only, I do not see that option.
These are currently empty groups I'm referring to. So privacy affects no one but me.

I believe you mean "update this group" from within the group?
Then the page "Edit Group" appears. Here's what it says:

Edit Group ScottWarrenStudents
Your nice link:
Mission statement
This must be an external URL such as
Vertical Tabs
- and the SAVE button ---------

Thank you Thomas!

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She did not become a member upon registration.
On my end the invite says "pending".
On her end, there were several active links in the invite email. One of which was the name of my private group. I would have expected that to send her directly to the group, (membership or not).
Meanwhile, since she DID register, it still did not bring her into the group.
She surfed the site, and all email links,

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What is the intended protocol here for private groups then?
Does it ultimately require a provided member-username to invite?
Or can it be done directly from email, as is suggested by the options?
And can group member invitation be completed via email without requiring invitees musescore registration?


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