Option to add arranger (like composer and lyricist)

• Apr 22, 2015 - 19:21

Just a simple feature that I believe would be beneficial to a lot of arrangers:
There should be a text box when first creating a score to add an arranger and also under Add/Text/Arranger. Obviously you could add the arranger in the same text element as Composer e.g:

WA Mozart arr. ExampleArranger

But I believe that the correct formatting is (imagine this text is aligned to the right!):

WA Mozart
arr. Example Arranger

Currently, if the song doesn't have lyrics, I use the Lyricist box to add an 'arr. .........' and then dragging. Although this is simple and not time consuming, I think that its not too hard a task to add an arranger option. Be very pleased to see this in upcoming version!

Harry B


Yes, it's possible to type whatever you want. However, many users are violating copyrights by not crediting properly. I've seen many scores with no credit at all. I think a proper score template should have places for:

Composed by: Date composed:
Transcribed by: n/a
Arranged by:
Lyrics by: n/a

Most people just put "by:" which doesn't indicate Composition, Transcription or what?
At least it would make people think about the distinctions.

In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

@Jojo-Schmitz: when this be available? or is is already available in nightlies? in mscore 2.1 stable it is not available yet …

and I would suggest to add other header frames too, such as translator, poet, etc (generally: at least all that are ‘default’ metadata tags, although it would be nice to have an option to add custom metadata tag frame too) …

also, it would be nice to have other default metadata tags, such as album title/name, year/date of release, key (such as A minor or D major), original key (if the song was transcribed), lyrics language etc … although, I my opinion they should be default tags, it would suffice to have an option to insert any (even custom) metadata tag header frame and even have an option to set its alignment (left, centre, right).

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