I/O no PortAudio recognized

• Mar 19, 2018 - 17:05

Hello everybody, I hope someone can help me.
I use a 2.0.3 Musescore version, 3c79sd revision on Windows VISTA.

It has always worked fine.
Last week I try (not using Musescore) an external audio device (MOTU) and than I reomved it. Everything in the computer is working in the correct way, like before putting the audio device, with internal audio device: sounds, recording, internet audio, other programs like Finale or Audacity, everything is working fine a part from Musescore. It is not possible to play back ang Syntetizer filed is disables. Also in Prefernces-> I/O configuration are not checkable in the in PortAudio menu "Device", and "API", it is not possible to choose anything! (see the pictures)
Reinstallation or back to manufacturies sets don't work! Playback button is ALWAYS disabled!!!

I work with this application, I need it ! Please someone could help me??
It is very important, thank you in advance


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Try checking the permissions of your antivirus;
To run as administrator;
Check the control panel to see if any application has exclusive use of your sound card.
I've Vista too and the various versions coexist. Have you installed the 2.2?

you can avoid reverting to factory settings by simply downloading and installing a replacement SoundFont. Make sure to apply the "Set as Default" button in the Synthesizer after loading the replacement SoundFont.

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