Moving the lyric lines

• Mar 31, 2018 - 20:00

Hey! So I've been working on an arrangement for my high school choir group. I'm pretty much done with the entire score, and I just need to add in the lyrics (they're mainly just "ah"s and "ooh"s to support the solo on top). However, when I add lyrics with the Ctrl + L feature, they sit right on the dynamic markings. I don't want to move the dynamic markings, I was just hoping that someone could explain to me how to move the lyric line up or down to fit with everything else. Thank you!


You can also control the default height in Style / General / Page / Lyrics top margin. FWIW, though, the standard for vocal scores is to put dynamics above the staff for exactly this reason. You can change those defaults in Style / Text / Dynamics.

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