How tp add Text headers to individual pages

• Jul 19, 2013 - 02:06

Hi, again,

How do you add text headers to individual pages? I tried the create box, or some such, and it's really difficult to work with. Is there just a simple text box feature?




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You want to add a text box that *doesn't* push the staves down? S the text shows up directly on top of the music? You could add staff text for that. If you literally need the nox, you can set the text properties to put a box around the text. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to do. Could you post a picture of what you want, and the score you are trying to do this to?

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Attached is a PDF of a score that I'm trying to annotate. Specifically, I want to add headers to each page without affecting the placement of the systems. To achieve what's in this file, I used Acrobat Pro X to add the text headers to the tops of pages 2 & 3 without affecting the systems. It would be nice if MuseScore could do this easily.


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Ummm - there are no text headers on pages 2 and 3 of this file?????

But sadly there is no header function in MuseScore 1.x

There will be in MuseScore 2 when it is released

I think your best workaround is probably to use stave or system text to add the text you require, move it to the position you need and then use copy/paste to add it to the other pages.


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Ordinary staff text would indeed work. But so would frames. You'd just have to make allowances for them when setting your pge formatting, because yes, the whole idea of frames is that music flows around them - they don't overlay the music. And really, it sounds lkie that's what you'd want. You'd just need to reduce the page pargin or music upper margin to make room for them.

But this is all just workaround for the fac that MuseScore currently doesn't provide an automatic header mechanism. As mentioned above, 2.0 will. So these workarounds won't be necessary.

Since Copyright appears on each page, if you want to add the SAME header (or footer) to each page, you can use [Create->Text->Copyright]. Then go into [Style->Edit Text Style] and set the Copyright Y value to -295 or something and also change the X setting for horizontal placement (e.g. -80 for left, 0 for middle, 80 for right).

You'll need to experiment a bit with the values - I've given figures here for A4 paper.

To alter the text size you click on your "header", select it all and make the changes from the text formatting panel at the bottom of the screen.

You will need to save and reload for changes to take effect in 1.x.

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