Not available plugins for MuseScore 3.0

• Apr 28, 2018 - 15:08

As I'm trying to develop MuseScore plugin manager it's better if I can get plugins for MuseScore 3.0 rather than system plugins to build the functionalities of plugin manager. (I saw system plugins are available for the Musescore 3.x)

Is it available to get the source code of MuseScore 2.0? (As plugins for 2.0 is available to develop the MuseScore plugin Manager)


Source code for 2.x of course is available, also in GitHub, just in different branches.
Don't take 2.0 though but either the latest stable 2.2.1 or the 2.3 branch.
OTOH all new development should happen on the master branch.
But then again the plugin stuff in that branch is pretty broken currently, so indeed the 2.3 branch might be better, so you have working plugins to integrate into your plugin manager.
Not sure though what/how @werner or @lasconic are thinking about that.

I'm wondering why a plugin should be "non-crashing" for further development on the Plugin Manager. As long as it can be initiated you should be fine, no?
Just have a bunch of empty plugins, but with different names?

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