Incorrect Time signuture?

• Jul 27, 2013 - 02:24

Hi this is amgine im new to the forums and muse score ans i wanted to ask something that probably frequently asked.

I started a new piece and set it in 4/4 time but it only lets me place 2 quarter notes per measure and there is no pickup measure selected. im using a windows xp computer. am i doing something wrong?

(p.s more tutorials for muse score would be helpful and maybe a FAQ page ;) )

amgine ;)


It'a hard to say what might be wrong without seeing your score - could you post it? Also describe in more detail how you are trying to enter the notes - step by step what you click or press.

As for tutorials, have you watched all the video tutorials on the main They should go a long ways toward answering most basic questions. Also be sure to rad the Handbook, which is the official documentation.

well i correction that i should of posted is its 4/4 item and its only letting me place 2 quarter clefs per G and F clef.

i went start new entered the song info ( chose song from scratch.) added 3 treble clefs and bass clef ( 3 voice piano) selected time signature in 4/4 made sure no pickup measure was selected and pressed n to input music.

oddly enough sometimes i get the problem on new music but other times i don't its rather unusual next time i see it ill get a pic.

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As I said before, it's pretty much impossible to say what is going wrong unless you post the score and describe exactly what you are doing - step by step how you are attempting to add the notes. And I again recommend checking out the tutorial videos - they may well help you figure out for yourself if you are doing something wrong.

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