Mordent symbols encroach on note heads

• May 29, 2018 - 00:18

When I add a mordent symbol to a note, it is positioned too low.

I drag it higher, and save the score, but each time that I re-open the score, the mordent is closer to the note head, until it almost obscures it.
MuseScore Mordent Movement.jpg

(Whenever I export to a PDF, the modent symbol is correctly positioned in the PDF to wherever I have just dragged it in MuseScore).


In in order for to assist better, it would help if you attached your actual score (not just a picture), and steps to reproduce the problem. Also say what OS and what version of MuseScore.

Normally, ornaments should be positioned well automatically, so no manual adjustments would be needed. When I add a mordent to a B above the staff, it is positioned well above the notehead, and even if I make an (unnecessary) manual adjustment, the adjustment is preserve don reload. So something unusual is going on for sure with your particular score.

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