Can I print only tab, while still keeping the linked staff for editing?

• Jul 6, 2018 - 20:11

Is it possible to continue using linked staves (tab & standard notation) and still print a tab-only version? I've seen similar questions asked a number of times, but I think the answer has always come down to getting rid of the notation staff. I'd prefer to not do that, because I really like to have it for editing, and sometimes I might want to print with it.


1) Create new score: TAB only
2) Generate Parts (via menu "File")
3) Press "I" -> add a linked staff: Standard staff type (drop-down)
( and if wished, use arrow Up to display the standard staff at the top) -> Ok

Result: you have standard staff+ TAB staff in main score, and a TAB staff in part

If you want only print the TAB version: toggle to the part -> File -> Export: type PDF etc.

See a template: Template.mscz

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