Static during playback

• Dec 16, 2017 - 01:58

I am running musescore2 on a 64bit Linux Mint desktop. Version 2.0.3 Revision 3c7a69d.

In the past, the static, could be cleared by tweaking the Synthesizer volume. That quick fix no longer works. Each and every time I run Musescore2 the static returns. I found that 'restoring to factory settings' fixes the problem. Until the next time I want to use Musescore2. I realize that this 'static' problem is well known, based on the many references to the problem, and was curious as to whether anyone is closer to a permanent fix?

I have used at least one version of Musescore2 prior to this version and do not remember having this problem... not a 100% certain...

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Looking forward to some positive solutions.



If Revert to factory settings fixes the problem, then it must be a problem with your Synthesizer settings - either a soundfont you have loaded is bad, or your volume is turned up too high. pretty much has to be one of those two things.

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I have tried 7 soundfonts (none of which are edited or modified in any way). The synthesizer volume is left "as is". Used to modify it 'just a touch' so as to 'fix' the static. I figured it maybe the options you suggested. Hence the reason to download several soundfonts. The static is produced with all listed soundfonts. I can accept that maybe one or two may have a 'glitch' but all 7? I will modify the volume and try again.

I will try to attach an image of my settings / soundfonts. At the moment, due to multiple 'restores', the default soundfont has not been changed.

Thank you for replying so quickly. Much appreciated.



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Modified the volume, down to as low as '45'. Sometimes the static is gone but most times it's still there but only for a bar or two then clears. The next time I start Musescore2 the volume of the synthesize has reverted to its default setting of '30'. So, I can either reset to 'factory' or modify the synthesizer volume, each time I run Musescore. Time to search for config files?


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Even with Zita1 set to "No Effect" the static remains. I tried the other Musescore orchestral soundfont. Sounded WAY better that the default.... Until I reran Musescore... The static was still there...

I think I have wasted too much of the Forum's time on this issue... As much as I enjoy using Musescore2, this persistent static problem is a "deal breaker". Of all the Linux compatible notation software that I have used, Musescore is by far the best, but I find it annoying having to change setting each and every time I try to us this thing.

I appreciate your assistance an please do not take my frustration personally.



Your problem sounds like mine, although I describe it as distortion. Generate a .wav file and see if that plays ok on windows media player. With my problem the,wav file plays perfectly, so I am suspecting there is a problem when musescore sends the sound to the sound card, through the OS. I am running WIndows 10. Also the sound is distorted when I enter notes onto the score.

I haven't found a solution yet.


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I have no problem with the sound as I enter the notes (mouse/k'board only). Interesting same distortion but on different OS's (64bit Linux Mint). I too have gone through the uninstall/delete/reinstall saga several times with no joy either. I am not technically minded and don't normal 'fiddle' with the settings. I figured if the application sounds great using the default settings, who am I to tell it different... I'll keep my fingers crossed... but I'm quickly running out of patience...


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I am running with a quad core i5 with 8 gig of ram. I have run my machine with several "big" programs loaded at the same time they barely made an impression on my system monitors cpu usage meter.

The only two major programs running at the time was Musescore and my web browser (for reporting the problem). Just now I tested your theory. With this browser running, i executed Musescore2 and loaded some sheet music and played it. Fired up my 'system monitor' to track the usage of all 4 CPU's and the meter indicated that each CPU was running between 2 and 8 percent. I do not think 'hogging' is an issue. I can understand why you would think that way. I too would have suspected the same thing. I do appreciate all that you are doing to help. I don't mean to sound blunt or terse, it's just that I am getting quite annoyed with so called 'simple static' problem.

I have also done the un-install, remove all files, reboot, download the latest version of Musescore2, several times with no change in the problem. I'm going to try one last option. I will download the Windows version and run it through Wine (Windows layer application - enables me to run most Windows programs but not all). If this works I will run Musescore2 via Wine and leave it with that, if it doesn't work then there I may be left with no option but to purge Musescore2. Let's hope it works. I will report back.


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The Windows version did not run. (The odds of it running was slim at best... lol) But at least I tried. I guess I will just have to wait for the next version or two and see if things work better.

Just had a crazy idea... Download and install an older version... keep going back until the problem stops. If it doesn't then it's more than likely a system problem... If it works then that would point to an application problem... This could take some time...


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Well, given it seems to be a problem unique to your system, it seems unlikely it is going to fix itself with an update. But if it's some sort of incompatobilitybetween a library we use and a driver on your system, maybe it's possible.

Anyhow, anything you can do to help track down the source of the issue will help. Meanwhile, of course, you still have the option of just turning off the sound - it's still the best notation program out there :-)

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I agree with your assessment, that Musescore2 is the best out there, but not having sound kind of defeats the purpose... lol (I know you are referring to outputting to a wave file... I just couldn't resist the chuckle...) Again, many thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated. Hey... I just realized that is using my baby photo from my Facebook account... How embarrassing? (Stop laughing...)


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When you mentioned "incompatibility between libraries" it got me thinking... "What if..."

Many moons ago I was using "Noteworthy 1.75b" (Windows version) as my Notation editor and it required midi drivers. As a result, I had to install Timidity++, before it would produce sound. The command line executable was a little lengthy so I setup a bash script to automatically start Timidity++ when the PC started up. If you have figured this out already then you are indeed clever...

Modified my "startup programs" to NOT run Timidity++. But I had already purged Musescore2... lol

But I did still have the Musescore 2.1 appimage... Executed. Loaded a sheet that I knew produced static. Now don't jump ahead... The music played WITHOUT static. Could have been a fluke. Shut the application down. Repeated the process. No static. Three times, no static.

Looks like Musescore and Timidity++ do not like sharing....

I am going to reinstall the Linux version 2.0.3 and see what happens.... I will keep you posted.


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It appears to be a "Red Herring". Ran the appimage for the fourth time and the static returned. Installed the current Linux repository version (2.0.3) and it to produced static. And no, Timidity++ is NOT running. Not even loaded. Looks like your "no sound" option may be my best choice... sigh


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I checked out this posting. It dealt with "system-wide" audio crackle. All of my system sound (media player, dvd, cd, mp3, mp4's etc) run fine. But thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.

Just installed the latest windows version, on my wife's 64bit Win7 laptop, and it ran flawlessly... Nuts! That implies the problem is within my machine... More research... but you could be right about the problem being unique.... You may also be correct about other versions and the possibility that they may not fix it.

I am planning on upgrading to a newer version of Linux Mint in about a month. A complete format and OS installation will obviously take care of any compatibility problems... lol A new version of Linux Mint was released in October and I usually wait about 3 months before upgrading. Just in case of bug issues... I am digressing again. Sorry. I will upgrade my OS in the new year and do a fresh install of Musescore2... I will let you know how things work out. In the meantime WAV it will have to be... Have a great xmas and a better new year.


Sorry to hear of this glitch you have encountered.

Perhaps too obvious... but, for example, are you using MuseScore with headphones, and playing .wav files over speakers? Could it be a loose headphone/speaker jack, faulty dial?

Do you hear static when playing a 'pure' (non-instrument) tone - like the 'Square Lead' sound? A pure tone (e.g. sine wave) is not as complex as an instrument's sample.
See if the following attachment produces static.
(Load only one soundfont - try TimGM6mb or FluidR3Mono - in the Synthesizer, and make sure the volume meter doesn't redline.)


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Yes. I do listen via headphones. I don't think my wife appreciates the range of music that I like... lol
No. There are no loose connections. I constantly use the headphones because the computer is centrally located in our home. Musescore is not the only source of sound... I have 7 sound fonts and have tested each one and only having one loaded at a time. I to originally thought it may have been a glitch in the font.

I have purged Musescore2 from my system but still have the current 2.1 appimage. This is what I am using at the moment. It only has one font loaded (MuseScore_Orchestra_GM.sf2)

The synthesizer volume is currently set at "55". Running your "tone" file peaks at "35" and only fluctuates down slightly. The meter indicates "yellow" and never goes into the "red". The static still persists. (headphones and speakers). I have basically ruled out sound card issues as I have no problem whatsoever with all other media types. I have also ruled out the application. I installed the save version of the appimage on my wife's Win7 laptop and it runs flawlessly. I am confident that a OS install will cure the problem... (fingers crossed... lol)

Many thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciated.


I am running the 2.0.3 AppImage on Xubuntu 16.04. When I tried it on 17.04 I got marked distortion of MuseScore playback. One thing that helped was to open the sytem volume and just change the volume a tiny bit from 100% to 99% or 101%. i then reverted to 16.04 for other reasons and the problem wth MuseScore went away again.

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64-bit xubuntu. AMD Athlon II X4 620, <4GB (2 x 2GB, one of which is dying) RAM. MuseScore runs fine apart from slight lag on note entry and hearing note when using Bluetooth headphones. AppImage 2.0.3 rather than 2.1 because I can get NumPad keys to work properly in the latter.

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I have been experimenting with possible resource conflict. I had read recently that Audacity and Musescore did not like sharing. I have Audacity as my sound converter. Removed it but no change. Removed Timidity, just in case that may be causing problems, no change. Alternated between Pulseaudio and Alsa, no change.

I am beginning to think that it's a 64 bit Linux / Musescore incompatibility issue. (opinion - no proof yet)

Curious. How do you know that one of your RAM sticks are failing? (Off topic I know. Just curious.)


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I know this is an old thread but it came up on google when I was trying to solve the same problem that I've had for months now.

I felt it was worth mentioning two things:
1) This fixed the issue for me
2) This is absolutely not a problem that's specific to OP's system nor is it an issue related to inadequate system resources

MuseScore is an amazing program that I love and use a lot, but this is a legitimate issue that persists as of MuseScore version 3.4.2 on Ubuntu. Switching to using ALSA instead of Pulse (which is the default) isn't an acceptable long term fix nor is denying the problem and placing the blame on individual users and their system configurations.

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The problem is things really do work differently on different systems - different hardware, different drivers, different OS's, different versions of various installed libraries, etc. It's not a question of denial or of blame, it's just a fact of life that a program that works perfectly on one system might struggle on another because of system differences. We try to handle the most cases the best we can by default, but we also provide overrides so people who do experience problems have things they can use as workarounds.

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I cannot believe that this topic is still running. It's been almost two years since logging this problem... I am impressed.

Just as an update... I am still running with Musescore 2.1.0, now on Linux Mint 19.2, with absolutely no static whatsoever. So, it looks like the problem I had, was specific to Mint 18.2 at the time. I still do not know the source of the problem. I suppose I will never know...

Just to clear things up a little. The version I am running (2.1.0) is the version that is in the Linux Mint repository. Also the Musescore appimage (3.4.2) plays flawlessly as well...

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