Multiple staves but not on the entire page

• Aug 14, 2018 - 17:24

I need to create a part on which SOME of the lines will include a double stave (treble/bass, as in a piano part) but the rest will be only single stave. It seems I can only do one or the other. Is this doable?


I have a similar problem - a choral piece of soloist(s), S, A, T & B & Piano (s&b) - for various segments of the score I wish to selectively vary the "voices" which are displayed...
I have tried the "Hide empty staves" with no success... pls - have I to write the whole piece and then remove the empty staves? - surely there is an easier solution? - I would be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction! - Thank you.

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The idea behind "Hide empty staves" is to hide staves with no notes on them AFTER the score is entered. Once you're finished entering the score, if you have a staff with, for example, one measure at the beginning or end of a staff for the Tenor, then you need to adjust the systems so the measure will move. The most likely ways to do this are using system break (from the breaks & spacers palette) or using the { to reduce the width of some of the measures.

If you have a long section without one of the voices and you just don't want to see it for a while, use i to open the instruments dialog and uncheck visible, just remember to check it when you finish entering the score.

One further note, it's advisable to enter the score in continuous view so the layout does not continually change and the view will jump around much less. After the score is entered, worry about how it will look on pages for printing.

I had not known of 'hide empty staves' until the responses to this post. It worked fine for my purposes, although the process does seem a bit convoluted... Thank you for the assistance!

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