Lyrics Copy/Paste Problem

• Sep 21, 2018 - 14:43

MS is not working right on the lyrics copy and paste feature from one voice to another voice. Please see pages 2-3. As you can see on pg.3 ,the Baritone and Bass voices start up late. No apparent reason. I have been struggling just to get a simple Xmas carol done in time on parts. The eighth note followed by a slurred 16th note in tenor I. (which I copied from) should not matter. One voice with 2 eighth notes picked up on that OK with the right word, yet another voice does not apparently. The tied notes for certain verses (Like 2 tied quarters for one half note, seem to work OK. The whole thing is a mess. For a huge work like an opera one should not have to type all the words in for choruses, quartets, trios, etc. if all the voices sing the same lyrics in the same rhythm. Question: How can parts be deleted if you want to? (To just go back to t original score/file.) I tried clicking on a part title at the top to see if there were some way to deleted it but did not see anything


You didn't attach your score so we can't see any pages.

Copying from baritone to bass with the same rhythms works fine. It works as long as thee are the same number of notes even if they are of a different length. If somewhere in one of the parts you have a half note and the other two quarter notes, you have introduced an extra note and everything after that point will be shifted.

Keep this is mind as you transfer the lyrics and break the song into sections that will make sense. When you encounter rhythms that are different you can decide if the section of lyrics is long enough to justify copy and paste or if it faster to just type the lyrics.

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Measures 7-8 is a perfect example of what I was referring to. The baritone and tenor 1 have 16th notes while all of the others have only an 8th note in those spots. Copying from Tenor 1, I would copy from the start of measure 7 to the word "your" in measure 8 and paste these into tenor 2 and the bass. I would then copy from the syllable "bur-" on beat 2 until "our" in measure 9 and paste these into the tenor 2 and bass. I would then copy from the beginning of measure 7 to the word "to" and paste this into the baritone and then copy "re-" to "our" in verse 9 from Tenor 1 to Baritone.

This will prevent lyrics from offsetting and also prevent too much typing. MuseScore needs the same number of notes on the source and destination. Notice that different length notes or OK like the "to" mentioned in measure 7. The problem arises because there is an extra 16th note immediately after it in the Baritone.

One thing that will make it go even faster is if you are copying and pasting in continuous view. This will allow you to scroll left and right as needed to see the adjacent measures for good break points. The gap between pages in page view, in my opinion, make this harder.

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