existing part names disappear in parts dialogue and part tabs

• Oct 12, 2018 - 01:19

The names of some of my created parts have gone blank. musescore V2.2, Ubuntu Studio 14.04. I have been working on an orchestra score for several weeks. 14 instruments, 14 part tabs. Suddenly when saving file after some individual part formatting, the names of many of my parts became blank in the window tabs and in the "File->parts" dialog. Pleas see the attached screenshots. The music is all still intact, all of the staves retain their part names. If I export the full score and parts to a pdf, everything is there, but Musescore overwrites parts with no name when trying to export the individual parts en mass to pdfs, mp3s, etc, because it thinks they have the same blank name.
The "File->parts" dialog won't let me rename previously created parts (which now have a blank name), so I have to delete the parts then recreate them, loosing hours of formatting on the individual parts. Is there a way to edit the .mscx file and put the part names back? I couldn't easily find an answer here if there is one.


Please attach the actual score, with just pictures nobody here would be able to fix it
But yes, it is possible to edit the mscx file, with the text editor of your choice.

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Thanks - I did try to find the relevant xml code but couldn't figure out what was missing. All of the entries of the good and missing part name looked to have the same fields intact but I wasn't very thorough, especially since I didn't know what I was looking for. I tried a diff with the corrupted file and a pre-problem backup file but didn't learn anything. The .mscx file is 8MB and won't upload because of the size. Could you point me to relevant fields/code? Thanks again.

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