Metronome rhythm

• Oct 28, 2018 - 23:16

Here, on the Spanish forum, there is a discussion about the metronome in x/8 time. When the tempo is set to 59 or lower the metronome sounds on the eighth note, when it's set faster it sounds on the dotted quarter note. Some believe this is a bug while I believe it is a feature. So is this this a feature or bug?

The other question is if this is planned to be able to be user selected in version 3. I haven't seen anything specific, but I've missed my fair share of 3.0 info. The metronome volume control is no longer in the synthesizer in version 3, where is it?


Since the MS 1.X, i add pickup bars / metronome beats manually.

I provide quite a lot of "Musescore MADE" Violin + Piano Accompanied exam pieces to my students
to practice before they play with 'human pianist'.

Pls. find the example attached.

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Carl Reinecke - Landler - SAMPLE.mscz 14.5 KB

Assuming "x" is divisible by three, then I believe it is a feature. Faster music in compound meters is virtually always felt according to the "big beats"; slower music is virtually always felt according to the notated beat. Whether or not 60 happens to be the perfect cut-off point is a matter for debate, and ideally this would be configurable, but no one else has complained thus far that I can recall, so it must be a pretty decent choice.

As for MuseScore 3, looks like the metronome volume control is in the Play Panel now (where it probably always should have been).

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