• Oct 30, 2018 - 17:25

Did Musescore update last night? I discovered today that ALL of my music scores are gone from the Musescore/Scores directory.


Don't panic! Updating MuseScore will never ever touch any of your scores. Most likely what happened is that the default folder MuseScore is looking in is not the same folder you actually saved to. So, let's back up and figure this out. What version of MuseScore were you using before, and what version did you update to? What OS are you on?

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If the update was made some time ago and you only started having problems today, then I think we can safely agree the MuseScore update itself has nothing to do with it?

Again, MuseScore never ever deletes your files. It simply does not have that capability. So if you saved the files to your hard drive and did not delete them yourself, they should still be right where you saved them. The only question is where did you save them. Apparently not to the same location you are currently looking for them.

If you did a Windows update yesterday, then that could be relevant. I know there are cases where for whatever reason you end up logged in as a different user after an update, so that's the first thing I'd check.

If that doesn't turn out to be the issue 0 you are still logged in as the same user, and all the rest of your files are present, you just are having trouble finding the MuseScore files, then the next step is for you tell us the exact pathname of folder where you believe you had saved your files, and what the contents of that folder are now. Also try doing File / Save As on any score from within MuseScore and tell us what folder it tries to save to by default. Also, do a web search "windows virtual store", locate the folder on your system, and tell us if you find anything there.

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