"SOLO Selection" feature.

• Nov 6, 2018 - 00:11

The one thing I want in Musescore 3 is a SOLO Selection feature. Basically, whatever I select, I want to be able to press play and hear ONLY what I have selected.

Example: In an orchestral piece, I want to select a few notes in the Violin I staff and play back just that selected region so I can hear it by itself. When I deselect the notes, all the parts play back as normal. Or, if I select some notes in the treble clef of the Piano's grand staff, I would only hear those selected notes in the treble clef.

How it works:
Make a note selection and press Alt+Spacebar.

"Normal" Playback = Spacebar
"SOLO Selection" Playback = Alt + Spacebar



That's an excellent idea in my opinion. You could ctrl+click notes to add instruments that will be played by Alt+spacebar.

Unfortunately this is not likely to make it into 3.0 because the program manager has said no new features, we need to fix the bugs in the existing ones.

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I agree it's a very good idea. And actually as far as I know we haven't quite hit feature freeze, so it's not out of the question, although I would say probably a longshot. But a nice thing about the stated plans for further development is that even if something doesn't make it into the first official 3.0 release, it is expected there will be frequent updates rather than waiting over a year between them - more like the sort of release cycle one sees with mobile apps. So a feature like that could easily be added in an update that would come out soon after. Assuming of course someone volunteers to work on this - there are plenty of other requested features consider as well.

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