Key signature change in multistave works invisible, acting oddly.

• Nov 30, 2018 - 16:01

If I report an issue that's rather difficult to find the ultimate cause of, and in the course of debugging, find another, related way to crash the program, do I report that separately?

Like I have the thing with ruined save files, but I don't know how to reproduce without a large score, so I really need a debugger. But I don't know how to deal with Musescore in jGrasp or Notepad++ or whatever, so I've been trying to reproduce smaller.

I have at least the first step. The score has to be multistave, you need to add enough notes to make a system in addition to whatever you have, and then if you add in a key change - any key change whatsoever, anywhere - there is no visible key change, but every note that is supposed to be affect changes to natural.

For example, here when I add a G maj key change:

key change.png

All the Fs set to natural, except for the two at the end that I probably have another key change for that I can't see.

Upon reloading the save, there is no visible difference at all where key sigs should be, and all accidentals have magically disappeared.

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Different bugs need different reports. Even though you find several in one file, each one will need its own fix which in MuseScore may be unrelated to one another. I've seen two related bugs, and even needed one bug fixed before the other could be confirmed, but their fixes were different. So you need to report this as a separate issue since I've never seen this before.

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