Website ( - No DropDown Options Next To Signed In Name

• Jan 10, 2019 - 18:53

When I first go to, there is no drop-down arrow to the immediate right of my signed-in name, where I can select Dashboard, My profile, My scores, Settings, Help and Log Out.

If I click on Browse or Community, the drop-down arrow then appears. The website remembers my logged in name/status, but loses the drop-down options upon first going to the website.

If I go to, I do not have this problem. It is only on the .com home page.

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Thanks for pointing in the correct direction. Out of curiosity, once I get to my scores, whether I'm there via .com or .org, it seems to be all out of the same well. Without having to know the history, am I correct in assuming there were various directions going on between .com and .org?

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