Is the 1st or 2nd file the latest development build (nightlies)?

• Jan 22, 2019 - 10:37

Your description ( says that the first file in the list is always the most recent. Somehow I never read this manual and always assume that the file with the newest date (plus consecutive number) is the current nightly. At least I'd find that more logical. I mean, "2018-09-20" sounds old by now ;-)


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As I said, I always take the 2nd build from the list (newest date). Since a few weeks there is no message anymore that there is a new version, although there are newer versions in the list (master branch, Development builds for Windows). Is that intentional or a bug?

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As I said, in the past (starting with version 3.x) I've always got a hint in nightly builds for Windows that an update/newer version is available. Now only a pop up appears that no update is available.
In macOS I'm still getting update informations:

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Autoupdater never worked for Windows build. This is because WinSparkle cannot work with .7z files and update them automatically. But it works with official releases.
MacOS nightlies are distributed as .dmg files so Sparkle can process them and the latest nightlies are available.

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I know, but it automatically downloaded the current build as a 7z file. Of course you had to unpack the file yourself. Not quite as elegant as under macOS, but still more convenient than looking it up yourself and downloading the latest build manually.
And Jojo-Schmitz is right, it is still checking if there is a new version, but recently without result:
Anmerkung 2019-04-03 135551.png

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