Frequent crashes with 0.9.5

• Nov 26, 2009 - 11:26

Sorry I can't give too much help here. What happens is that I set up a new score with many bars (say 90) and I'm writing the music in then I try to put a line break on a suitable measure and the program crashes. I think the message is that Musescore has asked the run time to terminate in an unusual way. When I reopen the program and my score (which I now always save before attempting a line break) it works fine on that line break on that measure, but it will crash later on.

Since it works OK when the program is reopened it clearly is not something in the score (and becuase it works OK on re-starting there's no point in sending an example). It seems more likely that the program is gradually corrupting in-memory data until it becomes critical, and the line break pushes it over the edge. Start again with clean data and it works. Wish I could give you more information.


Sometimes it can take a while to discover the exact steps to reproduce the crash. When the crash occurs take a moment to remember exactly what you did (sometimes going back three or four steps). Then take a moment to see if you can reproduce the bug.

Let us know if you discover more information.

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OK. Here is an example of a score I worked on this morning. I started the score from scratch (ie not template). I added the notes one by one, adding articulations, ties and slurs as I went. I got as far as shown, then tried to add a line break to bar 4 and it crashed.
To reproduce this you will have to copy my steps - no point trying this out on the supplied score because it works OK straight after the program has been restarted.

I'm using Musescore 0.9.5, revision 2012 on Vista. Hope this helps.

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