Program doesn't fit my screen

• Jan 24, 2019 - 16:25

Torben Amtrup ( sent a message: I am sad to tell, that my screen (1920x1080 px) cannot contain the new version of Musescore 3.0.1.

I can't move the program up and down.

Is there a built-in zoom mechanism or something?

I have a danish version (musescore 2) which I am very happy for.

Greetings Torben

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Dear Jojo
This was just one hour of tiny letter nonsense. I give up. This is not a mobile phone, but a pc. with Windows 10.
Can you tell me what to do in Musescore 3 to make it fit my screen? I don't need to know how Win 10 functions. It must be possible.
If I make changes in Windows, all my other programs will be spoiled instead.
Fortunately I have a Musescore 2, that functions perfectly.
With respect Torben

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Okay, I didn' se that.
I searched in Windos for 'scaling' (skalering) and found under screen: 'Make everything bigger' (gør alt større). 150% was recommended. I suppose this affects all programs, and I don't want to make them smaller too. Only Musescore 3 needs to be scaled. Is that impossible?

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Dear Jojo
I am sorry for my bad temper (DK: temperament). I was just frustrated over the apperance of the Musescore 3 apperance. I hope we can make it work properly without spoiling my other programs.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Greetings from Torben

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Windows offers display scaling and I have it set to 150%. Some of the Musescore 3 screens now do not fit on the screen because when changing from 125% scaling to 150% they double in height. In this mode for example the OK button of the Style dialogue is off the bottom of the screen and as there are no scroll bars the dialogue is unusable. Musescore 2 did not have this problem.

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