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• Jan 23, 2019 - 18:29


My query is about adding a stave to an existing score.

I'm copying a choral piece for a SATB choir and piano. A the end of the piece the choir sustains the final chord for two bars. Above this, a solo soprano sings a few high notes.

How do I "write-in" this additional voice?

Of course, I could place these soloist notes on the same stave as the one which sopranos and altos are using. However, this makes the last few bars look cluttered and I'd prefer to add a separate stave for the soloist.

There's no problem in achieving a suitable layout. By "Add, Instrument, Voices" I have managed to add the extra solo stave for the WHOLE piece.

This is the problem because the piece is 95 bars long and in the stave set aside for the soloist, there are 93 empty bars: no notes; just full- bar rests.

I understand that the bars can be made invisible, but that still leave the treble clef, time signature and key signature in place.

Is it possible have the additional soloist's stave only above the last few bars of the piece?

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.




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Thank you for your advice. It works!
First I set out the master score and then copied my music into it. Then I added the few solo notes into the additional stave at the end. Then I followed your suggestion and the result was that the additional stave appeared only in the last full line of the piece.

The only downside was that a lot of the notes in the score are appearing in the colour red, not black. I presume these will print as black.

But thanks very much.


In version 3, you can mark the added staff as a cutaway in staff/part properties and use text to identify it as a soloist.

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