Linux AppImage download leads to 404

• Jan 30, 2019 - 17:47

"Not Found
The requested URL /pub/musescore/releases/MuseScore-3.0.2/MuseScore-3.0.2-x86_64.AppImage was not found on this server.

Apache Server at Port 443"

I have not tried any of the other downloads for Linux, however the 64-bit download leads to a 404. Does anyone have a mirror in the meantime?


I reported the same in another thread. Unfortunately several of my replies got queued for moderation and even now some 20 hours later they have not been released. I managed to download by going to my virtual server in the cloud and downloading it from there. I think the issue might be that "" resolves to more than one ip address (presumably to spread the load). If one of those multiple sites is missing the file then yo get a 404, but other people don't.

I also suspect that the browser caches the particular ip address found - so once you've fallen down the black hole repeated attempts to get out fail.

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