MS3 upgrade FAQ?

• Feb 25, 2019 - 01:38

I'm delighted to see MS3 available. Congrats to all. I don't see a forum or FAQ thread regarding issues when migrating to the new system. I'm sure we'll all be asking a lot of repetitive questions. Is there a place for such discussion? [edit: see first reply below]


Q: As I import MS2 scores, I seem to be losing most of the template-related formatting. For example all my jazz lead sheets have lost their jazzy fonts. I realize we want to reapply positioning etc., and I realize I can manually change text styles to those fonts, but am I missing some global template-level behavior for this aspect of formatting? Thanks for any pointers.

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This is absolutely the place to ask questions, but it's best to keep each thread to one topic to make it easier for others to find the answer using the search capabilities of the forums.

The Jazz font has changed, so I suspect that you will run into issues importing scores with the jazz font to version 3. Someone more familiar with the Jazz font will no doubt clarify that. Otherwise, I did write a little document to help with the transition to version 3 at

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Thanks, I'm glad to see your document, that's just what I was after. Rather than waiting for problems and then searching by topic, it's helpful to be able to review a list of 'gotchas' that might be encountered. I'll hope that somebody else can comment on the Jazz font situation. I'd prefer to convert most of my scores to MS3, and so if I need to go through and change every text style to reference the new font I'll have to plan accordingly.

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If by 'gotchas' you include know bugs, you can look at the issue tracker There are various search options to sort through those that are fixed and those being worked on. The manual has a section of changes from version 2 at It's not 100% complete, but it gives you an idea of changes. The biggest changes that take getting used to are a couple of the shortcuts changed. Alt+T is no longer used to enter a tempo, it activates the tools menu. It now Alt+Shift+T. Expression text is ctrl+e, which did not exist before.

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Bug reports and release notes are of course always helpful. However they do cover a lot of territory. I'm expecting that we'll see a lot of discussions that include comments like "I knew how to do this in MS2 but...". Your shortcuts comment is also a good example. I expect pretty soon we'll have a top ten list of common questions. Well I'll dive in and start making my ow stupid mistakes :).

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Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions. I often learn from them. Many times people ask questions and I never thought of doing that before, so I use my knowledge of the program to come up with a solution. Sometimes someone else will answer and I'll learn from them.

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