deleting/removing measure

• Feb 25, 2019 - 03:19

I am attempting to remove a single measure from a score. I have done this on a different score as recently as yesterday with no problem. Tonight when I try by using command - delete, MuseScore shuts down immediately. This happens if I have highlighted the same measure on all parts, or just one. It also happens if I go to Tools and use 'remove selected range'.



It shouldn't crash, but I wonder if it's related to having parts created. Can you attach the score and tell which measure(s) you're trying to delete.

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I'm using windows. I did suspect you meant measure rests, so I did try on those without a crash.

Deleting a measure is now under the same functions as Remove Selected Range which is in the right click menu and under the tools menu. The default shortcut should be cmd+delete on a mac. Can you explain better how you are going about trying to delete the measure that leads to a crash? Are you selecting the rest, or the whole measure? How are you accessing the command? Which operating system are you on?

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