MuseScore 3 is impossible to use

• Mar 11, 2019 - 14:41

Every time I use MuseScore 3 I discover a new bug. It's just impossible to use. And the worst thing is that everything I did with much difficult and anger in the third version is not compatible with the second. The release was rushed, that is the true.


Well, this rant is not helpful at all, except for you to vent.

What Operating system
What version of musescore
And more important:
What problem(s) in particular

Then please report these bugs, so they can be fixed.

I agree that to my feeling indeed, v3.0.0 was rushed out as a release. However I've also never seen as many bugs being fixed in the short timespan just after a release (leading up to tomorrow's 3.0.5 release).

To port work from MS3 back to MS2, use export to musicxml, which should preserve pretty much all musical information contained in your scores.

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