putting the text under the notes

• Mar 14, 2019 - 00:28

I had laid out the lyrics under the SA and above the TB as is conventional. This did not please my fellow tenor who likes the text under the notes. Is there a smart way to take the text from where it is to under the notes. Perhaps
select all
control C
place cursor somewhere
control V
All depends on where to put the cursor


If the lyrics (and rhythm) are exactly the same to all voices, then you can copy it from the SA staff and paste on the TB staff. Please!!! Be careful to select ONLY the lyrics (otherwise, you will erase the TB notes, too).

If the lyrics are not the same to SA and TB, then you have to select only the lyrics of the tenor and bass and change its placement from above to under that staff (go to the "Inspector" panel).

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select words in SA, CTRL C, select starting note in TB, CTRL V
does the job. However how do I select a passage of text? I thought I could do
click first word or note, shift click last word or note
but this does not work, much to my surprise. I can select a passage with successive
select note, CTRL click
but this is tedious.

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