• Mar 19, 2019 - 23:15

I installed version 3 and can no longer export music sheets to the desktop as .pdf files.


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Thank you Kuwitt for your answer. I am using Windows 10. Meanwhile, though, I kept on looking for a solution and was able to figure out that under the edit tab>preferences>select pdf I was able to export the sheet to my desktop for download to Mobile Sheets. At 81 yrs old any change to a routine one is used to is annoying. Musescore 2 was a little easier to deal with. So, all is well. Thanks again for your time to respond.

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While a handful of menu commands have moved to places that new users will find easier to understand, it does mean a little getting used to for people used to the old locations.

However, this particular menu item did not change. It was File / Export in MuseScore 2, and it's the same place in MuseScore 3. Not sure what you are doing in Edit / Preferences, that's not really relevant.

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