GeneralUser GS soundfont file upgraded

• Mar 12, 2019 - 22:03

Hi, Gang!!!

Maybe, I am the only one I didn't know it but... Just in case...

The very good GeneralUser GS soundfont file has an upgrading!!!

Look for it at:

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



Thanks. Very nice work.
I know that everyone will use the same soundfont I use, then I would like to suggest that you create copies of existing presets with different attack time so that all users of Musescore could have a legato effect.
Some similar to what is described in this post.
It doesn't require a new feature in Musescore but adds more realism to the playback.

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That soundfont file has a very good and realistic sounds!!!

BUT... If you can talk with the author, PLEASE!!! Tell him that it is absolutely necessary (this should be mandatory, up to me) to full follow the BANK 0 GENERAL MIDI INSTRUMENTS PATCH NAMES AND NUMBERS!!!

It is intended to avoid to have to change the instruments we are using in our MuseScore files (or any other MIDI software).

This is the main reason the General MIDI and the soundfont files can to have more than one BANK, leaving ALWAYS the BANK 0 as the basic standard.

So... I we have some MIDI file with the channel 1 with the patch 24 (Standard Nylon Guitar), then whatever the soundfont file we use, we always should expect to hear... A NYLON GUITAR (without to have to change anything).

Just an idea.

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I understand this, but that soundfont was only I kind of test I made to be able to have legato in Musecore, what would allow me to write and render audio files directly from Musescore, without having to export them to Rosegarden and inserting a lot of control changes as I did earlier. The most correct disposition would be bank 0 for GM order and then another two banks repeating the same instruments with modified attack time.
Sorry, but I didn't have time to do this. If someone can, it may be helpful. However I don't know if it's good for those who are going to compose orchestral music only.

just downloaded and tested multiple soundfonts... This is the best as far as I can hear, and it is even very small... Like some of the others, one being 4 GB hi definition - and yet I seem to prefer the small 30 mb one.
But... yea... I'll stick to this I think and delete the rest.

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