Orchestral soundfont with articulations

• Mar 18, 2019 - 20:01

I would like to share with you a collection of orchestral soundfonts that I optimized to be used in Musescore.
All of them are freely distributed online. The difference is that for each instrument I created 3 presets with different attack time. The reason for this is that you can use system text or staff text to make quick program changes between presets of the same instrument with different attack time to create a legato effect that will be heard and played by Musescore. To make it possible I also uploaded a customized version of instruments.xml, that has a custom section, where you can add as a new instrument, treble, alto or bass clefs, each one allowing for up to 10 different presets at the same staff. Staff text and system text may be copied and pasted and made invisible, so you don't need to build their program at each new phrasing nor fill your score with visible text instructions.


More about staff text and system text, please read Musescore manual. If you like the idea but not some of the presets in this soundfont, please use Polyphone to modify it or to do the same with your own instruments.

Hope you enjoy.


Thank you for this. Out of all the sf2 soundfonts that I have heard this sounds spectacular!

For some reason though, this soundfont is not loading the instruments properly. Ie piano loads piccolo and flute loads bright violin. Some I can change in the mixer patch to the correct instrument some I cannot (like piano) as the correct instrument is not found in the soundfont.

Any thoughts on this?

Also, Polyphone is nowhere to be found online... Even tried to Wayback it but nothing. Any clue where I can find an active download link? I'd love to mix and match some sounds from various soundfonts.


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You can load multiple soundfonts if needed, but if all of the sounds are in the loaded soundfont then use the mixer (F10) to change the sounds assigned to the instruments manually rather than letting MuseScore select the sounds for you.

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I made a foolish mistake. I thought I had shared this soundfont in Musical Artifacts (what I didn't) and deleted it from Google drive. Then editing it at home trying to improve it, the file was corrupted. Then I found that I don't have this soundfont nowhere anymore.
Can anyone who downloaded it, please, share with us a link to download it?

I am looking for a real vibraphone SoundFont anyways. Better than Iowa. And same for a xylophone SoundFont as well.
So is there any link to one you could find, please?

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