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• Mar 30, 2019 - 21:29

Background: I have a choral score with SATB and piano (treble & bass). I like the piece and want sing it as a solo.
The score is on paper, not in Muse score. I want to replace the SATB part by a Tenor part.
I need an electronic copy of the original choral score. I scan the paper to make CHORAL.pdf and transform to get CHORAL.jpg.
Now I save the solo part as SOLO.pdf and transform to get SOLO.jpg.
I can use to cut out any rectangle I like; I use this to cut out ONE stave and put it in STAVE.jpg.
With I can
bring in CHORAL.jpg
add a layer'above' the image
bring onto that layer the image from STAVE.jpg
Adjust the image width-wise and height-wise so that it just covers the SATB section
// at this point we've replaced one SATB section by one stave from SOLO.jpg
store the image as stage1.jpg

So ... stage1.jpg is just CHORAL.jpg with the first SATB section replaced by the appropriate stave from SOLO.jpg

We can repeat this for all the staves in SOLO.jpg
to obtain staveN.jpg

This is almost perfect but the barlines from SOLO.jpg do not line up with the barlines in CHORAL.jpg
Indeed why should they? The author of the choral score had his/her own ideas about where to place the barlines and these will not be the same as those of Muse score.

So .. How can I alter the positions of the barlines in the Muse score of SOLO so that they line up with those in the original choral version? If I can't do that there is no point in creating a unified score with piano and voice on the same page. Simpler and less trouble for the soloist to sing from the Muse score version adn the pianist to play from the original choral score. So ... how do I modify the position of the barlines in a Muse score? Or is this so out of keeping with Muse score philosophy that I must be labelled as a Muse score heretic?


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I don't understand. Muse score does not know where the barlines are in the choral score so I don't see how Muse score can bring them into the 'right' positions. Even if I were to move the barlines myself the result will be unsatisfactory because I have to guess where to move the barlines. This is because you don't have the choral score to look at while talking to Muse Score.

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Enter the entire score, satb and piano, and MuseScore will align the barlines.
Generate a part with tenor and piano and the barlines would still line up.

Generate separate parts for every instrument and add system breaks at the same measures in either part.

If you want to fiddle with some jpg files, your wrong here...

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Thanks Jo-jo,
You're right. Muse score puts the barlines where it thinks they should be and will modify them in certain ways that it thinks are reasonable. It will NOT accept the movements made by the user which it (corrrectly) thinks are completely arbitrary. In that sense I was arguing for a Muse score heresy. Tsk, tsk!

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You can also move the barlines in the Inspector, although this is rarely what one actually wants - it leaves the measure widths constant. To the extent I understand what is desired here, I think stretch is the way to go. but I confess I have don't really understand what the OP is trying to do or why. You are trying to create blank manuscript paper with nothing but staff lines and barlines that match the original?

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Yes I defined the problem at the top of this thread. I have a choral score. I do NOT want to enter it note by note in Muse score. I want to cut and paste a Muse score solo part onto the choral part (using But he barlines do not match. That's why I want to move the barlines in the muse score solo part to match those in the choral part. As I mentioned above perhaps I am stating a heresy here.

You wrote:
I have a choral score with SATB and piano... I like the piece and want sing it as a solo...I want to replace the SATB part by a Tenor part.

Since you already have the scan of CHORAL.pdf, see if this might help:
(Alternatively, from within MuseScore, you can use menu item: File -> Import PDF...)

If you get a decent MuseScore file from the conversion process, you can open that .mscz file within MuseScore and easily replace the SATB part by a Tenor part (and keep the piano part) using the MuseScore software.


To make things easier on the Audiveris converter, you can try creating 2 pdfs: a Tenor pdf and a piano pdf.
Then convert these 2 separate pdfs into 2 MuseScore mscz files, open them both in MuseScore and copy/paste one into the other to give you tenor + piano in a single score, with all the barlines in alignment.

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Yes, I did all that, specifically:
convert page 1 of CHORAL.pdf to CHORAL1.jpg
chop first system of CHORAL1.jpg to CHORAL1A.jpg
convert CHORAL1A.jpg back to CHORAL1A.pdf
import CHORAL1A.pdf into muse score; musescore drops it into downloads; call the result CHORAL1A.mscz
the result is not even close; muse score finds the syave and key signature and a VERY SMALL subset of the notes; this is not the way to go!

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