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• Apr 5, 2019 - 21:09

Sonatina Symphony (503mb 1.0?) had a file ("All Percussion.sfz") that was complete but the patches hadn't been mapped from f4 up. (I ran the file inside sforzando and noticed something missing.) So I finished the patching and extended the palette. I am not sure why they were missing. I saved a drm file in Msc 3 styles. I guess you can put the file in there. I also included a view of the complete landscape. (Runs in Zerberus; make sure you load it and turn down Zita. Its not needed)

You can check against your own file this way.

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The only one thing I can say is... We have to change from "Standard" to "Orchestral" in the mixer to hear all the sounds.

But... I'm not 100% sure if each note is playing with the right expected sound.

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I proofread the list supplied with the file a couple of times. It is accurate. But I agree there is a mis-targeting. The muted triangle sure sounds like a high woodblock. The issue of "Tam-Tam" may have just been an oversight. In any case, I may just go ahead and rename them on my side. I never looked at the mixer window. I am showing "drumset" checked and "all percussion" in the box. The main thing here was to see if anybody else noticed missing patches from the file and whether and where the xml/drm ended up.

There is no "orchestral" option for sfz files that I am aware of. You load them as you need them, (and/or you can save them for a specific score) and they appear at the bottom of the dropdown below Fluid sf2 fonts in the mixer. Sonatina's "all percussion" file was missing, and may still be missing patches as linked in the handbook.

Edit: if you want to write specifically for this sound set, unload Fluid and put musescore sf2 back in the program files to avoid confusion. Load the file into Zerberus, and run midi out to sforzando. Msc will control volume and pan. You can run a master out of Msc too. Open the custom palette and away you go.

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Hi there! I know this is a bit late but I was wondering if you was interested in a orchestral percussion SF2? As I'm a percussionist I got so cheesed off with the basic percussion sets I started to record my own, I have a entire HDD devoted to samples I've either recorded myself or acquired full permission from various sources, I even have obscure items such as a waterphone, lithophone, glass armonica, cristal baschet, handbills to towerbells. So anything percussion be it tuned or non just say and I can make a SF2.........if things continue I will hit my mobile so hard I will be able to sample a "mobilephone'"!!!

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i know its a bit late, but im working on an arrangement of shostakovich's 11th symphony for a lot (36) percussion instruments, and almost all of them are tuned
i need some good soundfonts for it because it all sounds really bad with the stock musescore soundfonts
if you haven't already uploaded your soundfonts, im very interested

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Hope you're doing well! If you're still around, I would also be interested in such an expansive percussion soundfont. As a fellow percussionist, I've been looking for anything I can get my hands on to spice up the video game score I'm writing. I looked everywhere for a Hang drum soundfont and finally had to make one of my own from samples I was able to dig up online. Please let me know how I could get a hold of your soundfont and if there's a way I can donate for the work you put into it.

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