Issue with Inspector window in MuseScore 3

• Apr 11, 2019 - 22:15

So I was wanting to make all the staff text BRIGHT RED and huge. So I selected a staff text element and the inspector window came up on the right but truncated. Aha I'll just widen the window. Nope that just made the part where the score is wider and the inspector window is still truncated as in the screenshot. There's no column tab thing I can drag like there is in a spreadsheet. This seems like a bug. I can't get to the inspector window. Using Mac OS Mojave I guess I'll just have to do without the red text, I'll just have the band highlight them.

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You wrote:
So I was wanting to make all the staff text BRIGHT RED and huge.
...I wish I could just set that property globally unstead of doing each one individually.

You can right click one staff text then 'Select' -> 'All Similar Elements' to change the color in the Inspector.
Another way...
Click a staff text, change color, then press the 'S' button (next to the color bar in the Inspector). The new color will be applied to existing elements and those not yet entered.

The same works for changing the font size.

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