Parts dialog not working like explained on the online manual

• Apr 25, 2019 - 21:43

Today I stumbled upon this online handbook page:

I always wanted that feature of adding further instruments to an existing part, but IMHO that is not possible without creating the concerning part from ground up. The manual page mentioned above tells adding instruments to existing parts is indeed possible.

Wrong handbook entry? Or wrong me?


Click parts in the file menu, select the part at the top, click the instrument at the bottom the click the + to the right of the instrument.

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I don't think it's a bug, but a missing feature. AFAIK it isn't/wasn't ever possible to edit parts (adding or removing instruments), once you've confirmed the creation with "ok."
The handbook entry describes the options to customize the parts during the creation process (there's nothing about "Select files->parts.." in this section ;).

But maybe it's worth to discuss it as feature request/suggestion inside the issue tracker.

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"...there's nothing about "Select files->parts.." in this section ;)"

Citation from handbook entry below the creation process:

To add instruments to an existing part:

  1. Select the part in the "Parts" pane.
  2. Select the instrument from the "Instruments in score" pane.
  3. Press + to add it to the "Instruments in part" pane.

Citation end.

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Yes, and this describes the options of customization, when you create new parts (which works for me). Maybe the irritation is the term "to an existing part"? For me it means the parts after clicking "new" or "new all".
Maybe there should be added a note, that's customization only possible, when you create new parts.

Concerning "Select files->parts...":

The difference of the customization section to other sections inside the handbook, for example "Delete a part":

"1. Open the Parts dialog (File → Parts...);"

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