Bug: Shortcut for scrolling between notes of a chord

• Apr 25, 2019 - 23:24

Try this:

1) Write any chord in which some (or all) of the notes are tied to notes of another beat.
2) Select (either with the mouse or after scrolling with a keyboard shortcut) one of these tied notes and change its pitch with the up or down arrow.

Then the keyboard shortcut for scrolling vertically between the notes of the chord stops working.

What's worse, there doesn't even have to be a chord involved, this also happens if you have a single melody line in the treble staff and another in the bass staff, and you want to scroll from one to the other after having re-pitched any tied note.


The issue is that command doesn't know what to do if you have more than one note selected - from which of them do you wish to navigate? Same thing if you Ctrl+click some number of random notes. Workaround is to first press left or right, which make an arbitrary choice. No reason the other navigation commands couldn't do the same. Feel free to submit an official bug report to the issue tracker.

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