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• May 14, 2019 - 14:57

In earlier iterations of MuseScore, I was able to create Titles and Subtitles on multiple pages so that I did not have to create a new file for every instructional line/page I wrote. Now, MuseScore 3 automatically assumes I want my titles ALWAYS at the beginning. I tried vertical frames, but now MuseScore 3 assumes I want any text I try to add to be OUTSIDE the vertical frame and bumps everything down the page. Very frustrating. Is there a work-around or add-on that will allow me to do what I want to do, or am I just out of luck?


Nothing has change here, you can still create vertical frames and add title and subtitle to them, and separate the pieces by section breaks.
Only change is, in MuseScore 2 you could combine separate scores into a single one using the Album feature, that is not (yet!) possible in MuseScore 3 (but planed for a futur update)

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I have successfully created separate pieces from a single score, and added frames with 'sub-titles', as described. Is there a way I can get the bar numbering to start afresh from 1, at the start of each secton?

It is a transcription of the trumpet parts from the entire score of the Mozart Requiem. The full score starts the bar numbering at the start of each section and it would be advantageous for the parts to reflect this for rehearsal purposes.

Not sure why you'd say text is outside the frame - it's only outside the frame if you add it outside the frame. Add it inside the frame (eg, by right-clicking and Add / Text) and it appears inside the frame. Exactly as in all previous versions. Only difference is that MsueScore 3 is now smart enough to keep outside text outside by default, so that text added outside the frame doesn't accidentally collide with your title etc.

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