About Timpani in E flat and B flat

• May 17, 2019 - 21:54

Hi everyone,

As explained in the title, I have two timpani, one in E flat, the other one in B flat.
I created a staff with a 3 flats in the key signature because the work is in E flat major.
But …
As I want to hide the key signature as it is in classical music, Musescore introduces the 3 flats again at many places of the Timpani staff. Although they are hidden, it's very disturbing ant create space on the other staves where I do not need it.
Could you help please ?



I normally use the advanced workspace and apply the atonal key signature (the one with a gray X) to the timpani only. This forces you to use accidentals to get proper playback and reminds the timpani player the notes are flats, not naturals. In version 3, to apply the atonal key signature you need to select the first measure of the timpani part and press ctrl while you double click the key signature, otherwise you will get a crash.

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