Is there someone able to make nice title fonts?

Musescore's current fonts are boring and the ones that come with MS office are not much better. I would be very grateful if someone make a beautiful titling font like the examples below.


Each title page you attached contains a multitude of different fonts -- it would be a formidable task to provide support for all of them.
If you are transcribing those exact same scores into MuseScore, you can paste those images into a MuseScore title page.

If for a different score, you should use a more suitable print app (containing elaborate fonts, border art, etc.) to create your 'artistic' title page.
Then save it as an image for use in MuseScore.

The text fonts available to musescore originate from your operating system.
Installing fonts in your operating system should allow you to use them within musescore as well. So have a look on any of the free font sites for the ones you like.

Note that if you also want to share your score (online or as an mscz) those fonts aren't embedded; so the other user won't see them. If you limit yourself to google fonts, then should also show them.

These are a selection from Windows 10 standard fonts. Are they all too boring?

You could use them in Microsoft Word to apply various effects to build your score's cover page but you're probably better off using a decent drawing package since there seem to be more graphics than text characters in the example pages that you shared.


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Some are nice, but I want one with lots of small details because the font size will be large. I can't remember what the font is in the attached image, but it it is better than many others. I then searched online for fonts, and was happy to find this . The classic alder ribbon is my favorite. I will have to try it out.

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