Remove/hide a bar?

• Dec 24, 2013 - 05:41

I have a bar at the end of my piece that I would like to remove or hide.
Can someone please tell me how to do this?

It is a unique situation.

I wanted to add some text instructions to my file.
Someone suggested a method. I can't remember the technique I used, but the text is there.
But I had to insert it between two bars.
Now I would like to remove the bar after the text, which happens to be the last bar of the piece.



Edit: Delete selected Measures

Create: Measures> Append vertical frame;
Click in the new frame: Add> frame text.

Right-click on the measure;
Mesaure properties in the dialog box, uncheck visible

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Thanks very much Shoichi.
That was a big help!

I had tried Edit: Delete selected Measures before but it didn't work.
This time it worked though. Maybe because I upgraded from 1.2 to 1.3?

That resulted in the last bar being deleted. But the remaining bar was stretched halfway into the page and the text box took the remaining half of the stave.

Next I tried Create: Measures> Append vertical frame;
This resulted in the last bar shrinking to a very nice small size.
Since I already had a text frame I didn't need to do the next step you suggested:
Click in the new frame: Add> frame text.

I tried the following suggestion several times:
Right-click on the measure;
Mesaure properties in the dialog box, uncheck visible

But each time the dialog box showed the visible box 'greyed' out.
In other words, I couldn't uncheck visible.

Thanks again!

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No, there were no bugs in Delete select measures that I know of. More likely you had failed to select the measures. Also, if you're having trouble with the meuasre properties dialog, it would help if you posted the score you are having trouble with. Actually, that is a good idea almsot any time you are asking for help. Otherwise, we have to answer in vague generalities rather than giving direct advice on solving whatever problem you are having.

So, here are some vague generalities for you :-)

You can adjust the size of the horizontal frame box - double click and drag. The size of the staff will then adjust with it.

As for situations where the last bar is very small - MuseScore has a setting for "last system fill threshold" (in Style / Edit General Style / Page). If your last system is fuller than that threshold, it is stretched to fill the line. If it is not, then it is left alone - but really way too small. So I find it's also good practice if you want to have just one or two measures on the final system to append a horizontal frame and size it to be big enough to make the last system fill kick in, then keep adjusting it until it takes up just the right amount of space that the music on the last system is spaced the way I want.

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Yes Marc, in all likelihood I didn't select the measure properly, or I didn't use the correct key combination to delete it.
I may have used Del instead of Ctrl-Del.

Thanks for the tips on stretching bars and using a horizontal frame. I'm starting to have much better results now. :)

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