Incorrect display of score with several voices on the staff

• Dec 28, 2013 - 19:24


When I try to open a file fith the latest nightly version created with previous nightly version of MS, the second voice notes are not displayed. The same happens if I want to enter the notes for Voice to on a staff. See pictures and the file itself. Also the repeat barline display is incorrect and I can't delete it


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I noticed the voice issue too and reported it on IRC. It's already been fixed and should show up in a nightly build some time soon. Or you could just try a slightly older nightly meanwhile. Not sure about the repeat problem, but the voice bug was apparently introduced while fixing another bug involving repeats. So they could be related. Using a build I made myself with the voice bug fixed, the repeat in your file still displays badly, but if I delete the pickup measure, it goes away, and if I then insert a new pickup and add a new repeat, it displays correctly.

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