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I can't figure out how to tell muse score that I want three consecutive notes played in the time of two. Sometimes its three 1/4 notes; at other times I have a dotted 1/4 then 1/8 then 1/4. The common thread is that in all cases I have three consecutive notes and I want to put the line over them with 3 on top to show the triplet. I thought that I'd click on the left most note then do shift click on the last one and then CTRL 3
There's a little of the magic missing here. Can you help, folks?
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I'm afraid I'm still missing something. I see in front of me a sequence of three 1/4 notes. I want to make these three into a triplet; these three played in the time of two. I'm not in note input mode. I have to do something before I press CTRL 3. What is this something that I do?

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You don't convert existing notes into anything. You enter the number for the duration of the three notes combined. Then you press [Ctrl]3 and then you enter your notes.

5 [Ctrl]3 and then enter your notes will give you three eighth notes in the space of two.

You could also click on a whole note rest and press [Ctrl]3 or select Notes >Tuplet >triplets from the Menu.

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Thanks JM. What an amazing co-incidence! This piece is one of my favourites. I have it in the book The honour of your company where it is shown very differently in pitch though very close in rhythm. Tom sings it much closer to the one published in the book; I'm about to track down what's going on here. Many thanks.

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