[Question] Sticking

• Jul 8, 2019 - 18:38

I'm glad that sticking now exists in MuseScore, but I would like to know how I can implement this into my instruments to be able to playback certain samples based on the sticking. I haven't seen any documentation or anything from MuseScore Drumline yet about sticking. I just want to know how it works!


Sticking has got nothing to do with playback (a snare sounds the same when struck with right or left hand), nor strictly with MDL (you can add sticking even to flutes ;-)).
Menu: Add > Text > Sticking
Indeed not yet mentioned in the handbook...

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Well at a fundamental level, it is true that all strokes should sound the same no matter what hand is used to play the drum. But realistically, there is always slight variance even with the best sticks and best player out there. MDL sort of has this with there being multiple samples for the same stroke but the samples are played with automatic sticking (switches between right hand and left hand samples). I'm saying that it would be good idea for sticking to be controlled in order to make the variance realistic.

This isn't implemented yet, but it is something we have an eye for the future. That is major reason why this was implemented as a whole new element type rather than just as another type of fingering.

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