Sticking Problems

• Jul 12, 2019 - 00:39

When inputting sticking with the new MDL update, the sticking doesn't align the way that it says it should (see Snare part in score). Also, if you input a sticking to an individual part, it does not add it to the main score, and vise versa.

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I'm not sure what the "correct" alignment is, but I can confirm it doesn't work as I would expect. I think the default style for sticking should place it lower, because right now the portion of the notehead below the staff is pushing the sticking lower. You can work around this by either increasing the vertical offset or decreasing the minimum distance settings for a sticking in the Inspector, then hitting the "Set as style" button so the rest of the stickings also pick up those setting.

I can also confirm the problem with linking between score and parts.

Can you submit these as (separate) official bug reports, using Support / Issue tracker above (or Help / Report a bug, from within MuseScore). Set the "Severity" to "Major", leave other fields at their defaults.

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To be clear: it is baseline alignment, as you can see if you increase the offset, decrease min distance, or disable automatic placement. "Alignment" in this context doesn't mean, automatically adjusting position to match other elements of the same type, it just means what it means for any single text element: that the offset controls the distance from the staff to the text baseline, as opposed to distance to text top, etc. So if you have a bunch of stickings and they are actually at the offset you specify, they will in fact align with each other as well. The reason they don't is that automatic placement is pushing something of them further away, but still, the "align" field is doing its job correctly - it is using the distance from the staff to the text baseline by default.

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