Copy/Paste and bar lines.

• Dec 9, 2009 - 20:50

Still with "I Remember You".


Attached find the score after copy/pasting the 4th part.
Observe last few bars - odd double bar line.

When I Ctrl-click in the apparent 2nd last bar. MS crashes.
I went back and tried to remove the last bar. No crash yet, but ......

The .png file shows the result.


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IAfter a bit of experimentation I was able to remove the offending artifact . I appended 2 bars and removed beginning with the 2nd last melodic bar.

The artifact was removed and I can now complete the sheet.

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I'll try.

I've previously documented here some of the steps I've been taking working on this file.

After setting up the 3rd key, I needed to append bars. This I did, adding more than enough bars.

I then added the 4th key signature.

I then copied the 3rd key and pasted it in the 4th place. I then transposed it, using the arrow keys.

I completed the melody line and saw thaqt there were exytra bars (12/20?).

I selected these3 bars via, Ctrl - click and ctrl-click.

I then pressed delete.

What you see is the result.

I hope this is clear.


I did quite some leadsheets for and I don't get why you use two voices in some measures?
For me it's easier to enter the two chords on the same notes and use the arrow keys to move the second chordname on the left. You avoid the hard voices part.

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Can you advise me how to put brackets around alternate changes.

For example, the sheet I'm working on uses a#'s and E#'s as changes, and I want to put the flat alternative under the classical theory., (easier to process for blowing) I want to encapsulate the alternatives in parentheses. Thanks.


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I'm afraid this is not yet implemented. I'm also not sure whether the MusicXML standard can store an (alteration) decently. You could of course simply type in text instead of a valid chordname for the time being, but it would be indeed great to have a good solution so transpose stays working.

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