Score deformed by MuseScore 3

• Sep 7, 2019 - 13:16

I have composed the piece below with MuseScore2. By opening it in MuseScore 3 it has been deformed. How can I fix it?


Somehow you have put extra space above el Contrabaixo and el Pandeiro. Right click the staff, choose staff/part properties and set the Extra staff distance above to 0. This should fix your problem.

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FYI, you did not see this in version 2 because there was a bug. If the staff above was invisible, then the extra space above the staff was ignored. This version 2 bug is exposed in version 3 which is fixed. Now if you want extra space above your 1st violin (which is common in symphonic scores) you can enter a number here and you will always get the extra space from the previous visible staff rather than ignoring the extra space if the staff above it is invisible (which is quite common in symphonic scores).

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