Copy and paste can crash MuseScore 3

• Sep 21, 2019 - 18:25

So, it's a very specific problem, but if I copy any number of measures where the last measure has ties to the next measure (but I'm not copying the tied measure(s)) then the program will crash on pasting. This can be reproduced every time, and will not happen unless I'm copying the the first note of the tied bundle but not the rest of the ties.
I am unsure whether his is because of the lyrics ties or the note ties, but either way.. it's a bug :)

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I'm not able to reproduce with a test I tried creating, so it must be something else abut your particular score. We would need you to attach it in order to investigate further.

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This has happened on several scores that I've created (basically every time I've accidentally copied partial ties) since I installed MS3 a couple months back, so it can hardly be a problem with the score it self.
These are purchased scores that I'm not allowed to share, but I'll try to clean one out to attach when I'm back home.

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To be clear: I don't mean it's a "problem" with the score, just that whatever the trigger is, there must be more to it than just a partial tie, or lyrics, because that works fine. Which is to say, the bug is with MuseScore, but something unusual about your scores is triggering it.

Should be just a matter of deleting all but the relevant measures to get something you can post.

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Interesting... when I clear out all of the score except that example line, copying and pasting half a tie worked just fine.
After some experimentation, it seems that the score needs to be of a minimum size/complexity for the crash to occur reliably. Likewise, sometimes if I delete a couple of lines before trying to copy/paste, the bug does or doesn't appear. So yay! for unreliable bugs! :D

So there's no good way for me to clear out the score enough to be able to share it for you to reliably get the exact same error. BUT I can make the program crash reliably with what I've got. It'll be interesting if you see the same:
A.) Open the attached score.
B.) Copy measure 1 (but none of measure 2) into measure 4. This works fine most of the time.
C.) Hit undo, redo, undo, redo... and the program will crash.
- Or I guess to be more accurate, the program doesn't crash. It hangs forever, and I have to end task on it.
D.) If I copy both measures 1 & 2 together, and paste into 4 & 5, I can undo/redo infinitely and it won't crash.

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