Is there a way to get it to pause after a Da Capo?

• Oct 14, 2019 - 04:17

I am arranging Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and I have run into a problem. The Minuet movement goes as normal(and I do have an invisible measure after the last repeat of the Minuet movement). But, when it ends at the Fine, it goes straight to the Presto Agitato with no pause. I was wanting that 3 second pause between the Minuet and the Presto Agitato(why else would I have put the section break there in an invisible measure besides to make things look neater without delaying repeats), like I have between the Adagio and the Minuet. But when I try to do that and have the Da Capo, there is no such pause.

So, should I first move the Presto Agitato back by 38 measures and then copy and paste the Minuet section again, making sure that the second time through the Minuet, I delete any repeats? Or is there a way to get that pause between the Minuet movement and the Presto Agitato without getting rid of the Da Capo? Here is my arrangement so far with the Da Capo in the Minuet movement(and yes, I have an invisible Fine to make sure it ends in the Minuet section):

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I have an invisible measure after the last repeat of the Minuet movement, so as to prevent there from being a delay in the repeat.

This invisible measure after repeat is a workaround I have used ever since January this year, and I use it whenever a movement of a larger work that I am either composing or arranging has a repeat in the last measure to avoid the section break delaying repetition, while at the same time, still getting that pause between movements.

I don't know of any other method that gives a pause between movements and that doesn't delay the repeat with the section break. But I know that the invisible measure method always works for this type of situation(or at least if the repeat isn't followed by Da Capo).

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